Weapon X Drop In

Wednesday 12:00 pm

Course Time: 60 min

Location: Stackt Market

The Weapon X program was created to introduce attendees to two instruments long forgotten in time. The indian club and the Iron mace ( based off of the Gada) will provide a new, unconventional way of targeting your muscular and nervous system. One that will benefit those who are seeking to achieve overall better athleticism. This course will cover:

  • Classic and non classical Indian Club exercises such as Swings, Mills, Large and Small Circles, Wrist Rolls,Casts,
  • Techniques for light (2lbs) and heavy club training will be covered as well as the fundamentals of Mace training.
  • Joint Mobility theory and basics as a means of joint prep and injury prevention pre and post workout.
  • Learn how to use Indian Club training to develop sport specific qualities such as rotational power, grip strength, strength endurance, core stability and more.

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