We believe that anyone from any walk of life can move, train, eat and think like an athlete so yes! We encourage you let your guard down and let us remodel the way you think about how to shape your body and mindset.

Many professionals in this field have different ways of doing assessments. We take pride in our assessment protocol and its efficiency to bring muscle and structural inconsistencies to light. We love to educate our clientele on the importance of fixing these issues and what injuries that could potential occur if not rectified before a program.

After completion of the initial assessment you will sit down with our assessor and go over the results of the tests and figure out what NEEDS must be addressed before getting into a program and tackling your specific WANTS. An average cycle will last more than a month. Each program is different and we present you with options best suited to your needs. For this reason, we discuss pricing with you when you contact us based on your specific goals.

We understand that personal training and coaching may be pricey but knowing that you’re making the investment in your well being and fitness we can make things easier for you. We are happy to offer  payment instalment options to help assist with your budget. Please ask your coach for more details.

Yes! We have coaches who are specialized in their fields as well in injury recovery. Some of them have been injured themselves and recovered from said injuries.


Professional athletes have a team of support that takes care of them in all aspects of health and fitness. Why shouldn’t you have one? Our certified sports dietitian will provide you with the right tools you need to achieve any dietary goal you may have. Fat loss/ mass gain/ detox are examples of some. We also understand that we don’t all eat the same, so we take pride that meal plans/ diets are made with and have taken into account of dietary & health restrictions, allergies and protein preferences. All sport dietitian services can be expensed and used with work benefits.

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